We believe that effective brand design and visual communication is achieved when a balance between form and function exists. Effective brand building is all about creating a positive emotion through how you present yourself (style) and what you have to say to your market (sense). Combining our years of experience, creative expertise and passion for brands, our focus is to create brand identities for our clients that stand out from the marketing clutter.

Be it a simple informative brochure, or a complex visual brand strategy, our goal remains the same – creating visual communication through effective design with the goal of leaving a positive emotional response.


Your logo forms the cornerstone of your corporate image and is the first impression customers experience when exposed to your company. It is thus of vital importance to ensure that it represents who you are and what you do.

We believe logos should be both visually impressive, functional and memorable.

Your corporate identity, including the style of your stationery and marketing material, supports your logo in achieving a favourable visual impression of your company and is thus equally as important.

Once you have created a favourable visual impression of your company, it is important to capture the hearts of your market through ensuring that you are liked, and if successful, even loved by your customers.

This is achieved through communicating to your market what you stand for, and what differentiates you from your competitors.

We create brand campaigns for our clients focussed on achieving a favourable emotional response within their market.

We apply our marketing knowledge, experience and creative ability to design print marketing tools such as flyers, brochures, outdoor & POS communication and adverts to ensure that your print communication is visually pleasing, memorable and effective.

Meet your clients where they are – online. Our fully responsive website design services are available on a subscription or once-off pricing package. We also provide artwork for digital application (such as visuals for Facebook posts), e-mailable pdfs, powerpoint templates, e-newsletters, domain registration, website maintenance and hosting, Social platform set-up and more. Learn more about our digital offering here


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